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Tech Giants To Solve Internet Connection Issues In Algeria

September 9, 2020

Minister of Post and Telecommunications Brahim Boumzar met, on Tuesday, with representatives of major international companies supplying modern equipment for the internet, media, communication and technological solutions, within the framework of the Ministerial Road Map to improve Internet traffic, services and digital transformation in Algeria, with the stipulation of bringing the best equipment within the framework of Algerian laws.

In the context, the Minister of Post and Telecommunications received, on Tuesday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, representatives of suppliers of electronic communication equipment active in the national market, and it is related to Huawei dealers, ERICSSON, NOKIA, ZTE, CISCO, FIBERHOME, DELL, N.E.C FORTINET, TECH 3.

It is worth noting that this meeting was an embodiment of the directives of the supreme authorities of the country, which included opening the space for listening and optimal care of the concerns of economic dealers.

Minister Brahim Boumzar indicated that the state is keen, through the authorized bodies, to strictly control the conditions for fair competition, while standing neutrally on equal opportunities and equality among all dealers, with the requirement to bring the best and most responsive equipment to international standards.

Representatives of global suppliers of communications equipment and modern internet technologies emphasized the need for a clear vision to enable them to proceed with their investments in addition to the factor of stability, especially legislative stability, considering that this meeting, which is the first of its kind in Algeria, is a very positive step in the way of Algeria’s digital transformation.

The Deputy General Manager of Huawei Algeria, Jeremy Lynx, stated that his company wants to share its experience around the world in digitizing Algeria, by presenting 3 components of the information and communication technology sector, the first of which is the development of infrastructure for fixed and mobile networks, and the second is to encourage startups to create and use applications on a large scale and help training talents and students.

Ericsson representative, Yacine Zarrouki, stated that his company is fully prepared to help Algeria gain access to the 5G mobile phone technology, indicating that the vision must be clear with stability in the legislative aspect.

For his part, Adel Buonab, a representative of the Chinese “ZTE” company, said that his company is ready to transfer its success experiences through different countries, especially to avoid mistakes made in other countries.

A few days ago, the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Brahim Boumzar, met with mobile phone operators and a new spectrum band was released to improve the Internet traffic.