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Constitution Revision: 28 proposals of General Union of Algerian Workers integrated into economic component

October 14, 2020

ALGIERS- The Secretary General (SG) of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA), Salim Labatcha said, Monday in Algiers, that out of 100 proposals made by the Union, 28 dealing in particular with the economic aspect, have been taken into consideration in the draft amendment to the Constitution which will be submitted to a referendum on November 1st.

Speaking during a meeting between Holding Algeria chemical specialties (ACS / SPA) and the National Federation of Oil, Gas and Chemical Workers (FNTPGC), Mr. Labatcha said that “the 28 proposals of the UGTA, mainly focuseing on the participatory role of the citizen in local development and the constitutionalization of the fight against the illicit transfer of funds abroad, were intergrated in the draft amendment to the Constitution”.

A large part of the proposed amendment of the fundamental law of the country intervenes to “secure and protect the achievements of Hirak in 2019”, he said, indicating that the Union is currently active in several wilayas clarifying the constitutional amendment.

In another context, Mr. Labatcha highlighted the major importance of the training of trade unionists, announcing that the UGTA was working on the study of the mechanisms necessary for the creation of a training center for trade unionists in order to to enable them to act effectively in various socio-professional disputes.