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Tarek Cherif reappointed Arab International Investor Forum Secretaries’ Board member

October 15, 2020

(TAP) - The Arab International Investor Forum (AIIF) has reappointed President of the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT) Tarek Cherif as a member of its Board of Secretaries.

In a statement released Wednesday, the AIIF said the reappointment of Cherif is due to his role acting in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and especially in supporting youth and women through the CONECT created in 2011.

The forum affirmed 'that the appointment of Cherif as a member of the council of secretaries for the next 4 years will give a fundamental support at both the Arab and international levels'.

The Dubai-based Arab International Investor Forum was established in the Arab region as a tool to boost efforts to strengthen sustainable investment.

Being the first international platform of its kind, it aims to encourage investment in all sectors across the Arab world and facilitate the exchange of best practices in the field of sustainable investment.

It helps members to learn about investment opportunities inside and outside the Arab world by building professional communication groups with academia in different universities and institutions to consolidate research in the fields of sustainable investment.

The annual meeting of the Forum brought together more than 1200 high-level participants from 60 countries among heads of governments, ministers, executive directors of companies, public and private institutions and bodies, major investors, businessmen and others.