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Algerian Ministry of Trade plans to export cement surplus

October 28, 2020

Algeria: The Ministry of Trade has drawn up a plan for the export of Algeria’s 20Mt/yr surplus cement, over 1.0Mt/yr of which is already being exported to Niger and other West African neighbours. Algeria Press Service has reported that the plan involves the country opening its land and sea borders for the cement, which constitutes 50% of the country’s 40Mt/yr total cement production.

Trade Minister Kamel Rexig said, “The surplus production will be exported and will thus guarantee an inflow of money amounting to US$900m/yr. The ministry has identified 10 national zones of production, including the export of cement, as a strategy for the year 2021.” He added, “The efforts made by economic and industrial operators to increase the volume of production intended for export in cement deserve to be encouraged.”

Algeria’s cement capacity first exceeded domestic consumption in 2017, prior to which it relied on cement imports from Tunisia.