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Paris Takes Algeria’s Pulse To Re-extend Bridges Of Rapprochement

December 14, 2020

France began to search for bridges to restore its relationships with Algeria, after they reached levels that are close to an absolute estrangement with a country that, in the French geopolitical perspective, is a vital area of influence.

Some media sources talked about the intention of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, to send an envoy to Algeria in the coming weeks, hoping to calm the explosive atmosphere between Algeria and Paris, which has recently taken dangerous dimensions, after Morocco’s normalization with the state of the Zionist entity, and the event’s connection with the Western Sahra issue.

According to the same sources, Macron has not yet decided on the character that can persuade the Algerians to go towards calm, and he (Macron) is hesitant between sending the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, or the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The leakage of such information at this particular time indicates that the French side is taking the pulse of Algerian authorities, which have recently been furious with the French bargaining and manoeuvres here and there, and an attempt to glimpse the extent of Algeria’s willingness to overcome the current differences, which greatly harmed the interests of the former colonizer in its former colony.

Macron hopes that, behind this leak, that he will obtain what will help him in realizing a decision based on data, to go ahead with his step by sending an envoy to Algeria, or to retreat if he arrives at what indicates that the Algerian side is not ready to normalize bilateral relations at present, due to the damage Algeria occurred by the political lobbies in Paris.

The current hardly passes between Algeria and France these days, and it does not seem shortly that there is a trend towards calm, and this is embodied by the fiery criticisms issued by the “authorized source” that targeted the French ambassador in Algeria, François Gouyette, against the background of his suspicious movements and his meetings with some political circles affiliated with the democratic current or those who call for a transition.

The “fiery” leaks against the French ambassador in Algeria have put this official, who was described as a “poisoned gift to Algeria”, in the corner, and he has two options, but no a third, the first is to request his dismissal from his post, because his actions in the future will be under strict surveillance or withdraw from the spotlight, and this would impede him in the performance of his diplomatic duties, a situation that his predecessor, Xavier Driencourt, lived about a year ago.

A few days ago, the French president talked in his interview with “Jeune Afrique” magazine, about his support for the President Abdelmadjid Tebboune and the transition process, and these statements were not well-positioned by the Algerian authorities, in which they saw a usual manoeuvre by a partner who does not want to build equal relationships with any country when it is about the interests of France, this is why the justifications of the French ambassador were not believed by Algerian officials.

Through the aforementioned indicators, it seems that the Algerian side is not ready, at least for the time being, for any rapprochement with Paris, due to the damage caused by the French positions to Algerian interests, starting with France’s role in issuing a European Parliament regulation that criticises the human rights’ situation in Algeria, and Macron’s blatant interference in Algeria’s internal affairs that ended with the French support for the Makhzen regime in the Western Sahara issue, which recently took dangerous dimensions.