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Algeria Allocates USD1.5 Billion to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccines

January 11, 2021

Algeria has allotted USD1.5 billion to purchase the coronavirus vaccine, revealed Dr. Jamal Furar, the spokesman for the Coronavirus Monitoring and Follow-up Committee.

During a press conference, the official said USD115 million have been dedicated for the first shipment of doses.

He stressed that vaccines are the only way to break the chain of infections in the community, adding that vaccinations will roll out in “the coming days.”

The Health Ministry is logistically and professionally ready to kick off the inoculation campaign, he added, saying some 8,000 vaccination stations have been prepared.

He said that vaccinations will not be mandatory and that priority will be given to the elderly, health care workers and people suffering from chronic diseases. Pregnant women, children and people suffering from allergies are exempted.

Algeria’s caseload reached 101,657 infections, 2,798 deaths and 68,802 recoveries, while 34 patients are in intensive care units.