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SEAAL to take over water management in Algiers, Algeria

January 17, 2021

Algiers Water and Sewerage Company (SEAAL) is set to take over the management of water in the Capital Algiers in August this year. This is after the contract the company signed with Suez comes to an end.

According to Arezki Barraki, the Algerian Minister of Water Resources the decision reflects Algerian authorities’ intention not to renew the Suez contract. “We believe that we already have the means to manage the drinking water supply (AEP) of Algiers ourselves,” said Barraki. The French group has been managing water in Algiers for 16 years.

Water management in Algiers

In 2005, the Water and Sanitation Company of Algiers (SEAAL) owned by the Algerian Water Company (ADE) and the National Sanitation Office (ONA) signed a 5 year contract with the Suez Company for the management of drinking water supply and sanitation in the greater Algiers area, for US $145m.

The contract was renewed for five years in 2011, then for two years in 2016 and finally for three years in 2018. It has been extended to the wilaya of Tipaza and to the water production system of the Taksebt dam (Tizi Ouzou).