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Ramadan: First shipment of 11 tonnes of red meat to northern provinces

April 5, 2021

ALGIERS- In order to ensure the regulation of the market during the month of Ramadan, and strengthen the supply of the national market with red meat, the first marketing operation for red meat has started under the supervision of the Governor of Adrar.

Indeed, according to the Minister of Commerce Kamel Rezig, the supply of red meat to the provinces of the North thanks to the herds of the extreme South began with a first batch composed of 1,040 heads of sheep and 400 heads of Adrar cattle.

“As we had previously promised and by decision of the President of the Republic, and in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, the slaughter of the first batch of livestock in the province of Adrar intended for marketing in the provinces of north of the country, took place on Friday, ”said the minister on his Facebook page, adding that this operation will be continued with other similar operations from other southern provinces .

As a reminder, the director of the organization of markets at the Ministry of Commerce, Ahmed Mokrani, indicated that “the quantity reserved for the month of Ramadan was estimated at 60,000 tonnes, stressing that all these measures” will stabilize prices and preserve the purchasing power of citizens ”.