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Three Algerian Ministers Participate In The AU Commission’s STC Meeting

September 5, 2021

Three Algerian ministers are participating in the ministerial meeting of the third regular session of the African Union Commission Specialized Technical Committees on Trade, Industry, and Minerals.
“On Friday, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, Trade Minister, Kamel Razig and Industry Minister, Ahmed Zeghdar, are participating, via a video conference, in a meeting organized by the Department of Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Mining (ETIM) of the African Union Commission”, the Energy Ministry’s statement said.
“The meeting, which is organized every two years, aims to study the content of the report of the senior officials meeting, which will allow the participating countries to consult and discuss how to optimally utilize the capabilities of the African continent in the areas of strengthening trade exchanges, promoting industrial development and valorizing mining resources to embody and realize the African Union development agenda on the ground”
The African Union Commission Specialised Technical Committees (STC) on Trade, Industry, and Minerals is the Policy Organ responsible for oversight on policy projects and programs in the areas of Trade, Industry, and Mineral Resources and reporting on them to the Assembly through the Executive Council. In addition to evaluating the implementation of decisions taken by various Organs of the Union in the areas of Trade, Industry, tourism, and Mining, the STC also has the responsibility of supervision and ensuring successful implementation of projects and programs in these four areas.
The AU Commission led by the Department of Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Mining Department (ETIM), is organizing the third Specialized Technical Committee on Trade, Industry and Minerals to be held under the theme “Deepening economic integration through interconnected and competitive product value chains based on local commodities”. The theme is relevant in driving the realization of Africa’s Agenda 2063, particularly, “Aspiration 1” which seeks a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.
The Ministerial segment of the STC will be preceded by the Experts meeting that will discuss Africa’s Industrialisation, and present the outcomes to the Ministers to consider and provide policy direction. As we move towards building more resilient economies in 2021, the timing of this STC meeting is crucial to accelerate Africa’s transformative development.
Participants at the Conference are the Ministries of Trade, Industry, and Minerals. Other participants include experts and senior officials from the African Union Organs and Specialized Institutions and Agencies, Regional Economic Communities, African Capacity Building Foundation, African Development Bank, OECD Development Centre, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UN Agencies, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, other international and Regionals Institutions, other partners, Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations.