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French Pension Fund “CNAF” Stops Granting Pensions To Algerian Retirees

September 6, 2021

In recent days, the Pension Fund in France resorted to informing, through the French Consulate General in Oran, many Algerians of the suspension of the payment of their pensions, especially the group that worked for decades on French soil with French institutions and companies.

• The source said that the measure was taken in a conservative manner, pending the examining of the files of these retired Algerians, and the deepening of investigations into the nature of their benefit from pensions, at a time when several doubts are hovering about the absence of these beneficiaries of hard currency pensions with doubts of they still being alive.

The source pointed out that the services of the French Consulate in Oran had notified those concerned with the same issue through messages that they received successively since the start of the investigation procedures in the pension files of retirees, and informed them of the contents of the instruction issued by the French pension fund, “CNAF”, which had launched extensive investigations about beneficiaries of social services and retirement pensions, with the pensions being automatically suspended.

• “CNAF” based the decision to suspend pensions on several facts, most notably the absence of fixed addresses for “hard currency” beneficiaries at the level of the retirement fund, not to mention the inability of some of them to renew the pension payment documents requested by the fund.

• The available information shows that the French Consulate in Oran, which brought the same investigations back to the fore of events after similar events 5 years ago, and at that time suspended the pensions of more than 110 retirees who are not alive, has sent wholesale correspondence to persons suspected of the legitimacy of their pensions, those affiliated with the Fund and residents in Algeria, urging them to provide life certificates.

• It also asked them to show the document within deadlines that do not exceed half a month, and the sources indicate that the French Consulate in Oran had rushed to grant credits to insurance agencies in a number of provinces in western Algeria, in order to check and verify the life certificates of retirees and ratify them before sending them to the fund, with a guarantee of repeating the process every year at intervals not exceeding 60 days according to the French retirement law.

• As a reminder, the three general consulates of France in Algeria have gradually resumed their services, by receiving applications for professional work visas and long-term visas only, not short-term, at the VFS Visa Application Center, and the long-term visa allows foreigners to stay in France for more than a period of time of three months, and it is issued mostly for study, work or family reasons.

• As for the short-term visa, subject to the law of the European Community and known as “Schengen”, it enables foreigners to cross the borders and stay in France for a period of less than three months, for tourism, business trips, and family or private visits.