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Identitypass launches Government Document Verification Product

June 27, 2022

Identitypass, the leading African compliance and infrastructure security company developing world-class ID and data verification services for businesses, today announced the launch of its Government Document Verification product for African businesses. This AI-powered technology will enable African businesses to expand across the continent with security and a powerful tool against potential fraud.

The new Identitypass Document Verification feature will allow businesses to quickly determine the authenticity of an identity document from over 30 African countries. The ID document solution recognizes various identity documents (over 6500 document IDs) and runs extensive algorithmic checks on thousands of global document types. The document verification endpoint allows for a multi-layered approach to strengthening identity verification systems, increasing confidence levels in KYC checks, and reducing fraud and risk on digital platforms.

Integrating this new product will create seamless customer onboarding experiences with best-in-class data coverage and updated KYC innovations for existing and potential customers. It will also aid in the prevention of bad actors, the reduction of financial crimes, and the development of trust with customers. Furthermore, verifying these documents will protect against risks and assist businesses in determining a user’s location when performing ID document verification. With this, businesses are more assured and can reduce the risk of fraud in real-time.

This new level of security for businesses will not only make it possible for African businesses to quickly identify their customers but also for Africans (and those who live in the region) to access multiple international products and services that require ID verification. This product continues to elevate Identitypass’s mission of securing African digital infrastructure and enabling secure connections between African businesses and global markets.

“We are proud to launch this powerful new product as part of our suite of security services. With this new tool, any business can validate a government ID from over 30 African countries and ensure they are real, current, and contain accurate information. Identitypass delivers this verification with unprecedented speed for the merchant,” says Lanre Ogungbe, CEO and Co-founder of Identitypass.

“Our current and potential clients will benefit from this service that empowers businesses to onboard new international customers, promoting regional expansion. We will continue to innovate and develop solutions that empower our clients and make technology safe in Africa.”

Identitypass is a leading African compliance and security infrastructure company that provides businesses with world-class ID and data verification services.

With multiple service offerings, Identitypass consistently serves hundreds of brands across Africa in Fintech, Insurance, Mobility, E-commerce, HR management, Crypto spaces, and many other sectors to ensure that brands are secured from ID thefts and easily expand into new countries, adapting to the local verification landscape.