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Algeria’s Sonelgaz-Sonatrach renewable energy JV installs CEO

April 20, 2021

Sharikat Kahraba El Djazaïr (SKE), a newly-created company formed in Algeria for the production of electricity from renewable energy, named Khaled Nouasri as its chief executive officer (CEO). SKE is jointly owned by Sonelgaz with 51% of the capital while Sonatrach holds 49%.

Mr. Nouasri is an executive of Sonelgaz who began his career in 1998 as an engineer, before occupying other positions, notably as project manager, department head and CEO of a subsidiary.

The induction ceremony of Mr. Nouasri was co-chaired by the CEOs of the Sonelgaz and Sonatrach groups, respectively, Chaher Boulakhras and Toufik Hakkar, in the presence of the representative of the Secretary General of the National Federation of Workers in the Electricity and Gas Industries (FNTIEG), as well as senior executives from both groups.

SKE will be mainly responsible for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The new company is the result of the merger / absorption in 2020 of the subsidiary companies SKD (Sharikat Kahraba Koudiet Eddraouch), SKT (Sharikat Kahraba Terga), SKB (Sharikat Kahraba Barouaghia) and SKS (Sharikat Kahraba Skikda).

During his speech, Mr. Boulakhras underlined that this merger aims “to pool resources and give the means to the new company to invest in green energy territories and creators of wealth.” He further specified that this partnership is part of the realization of Sonelgaz’s strategy for 2035.

For his part, Sonatrach CEO Tawfik Hakkar pointed out that the creation of the new company is the result of three years of work. The CEO of also underlined that the new company will have to create a synergy between the various companies of the sector in order to reduce costs and optimize the means of production.

“We are confident that SKE will be a plus on the national energy scene,” said Hakkar.

For his part, the CEO of SKE has shown his determination to meet the challenges set in terms of energy transition and the development of renewable energies.