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U.S Embassy In Algeria Opens New Job Opportunity

April 22, 2021

The US Embassy in Algeria announced the opening of a new job opportunity for those wishing to occupy the post of Housing Assistant.

“The US Embassy in Algiers is hiring a Housing Assistant. The main job duties including acting as a liaison between landlords, the General Services Officer (GSO), and residents, and ensuring that all Embassy property, both leased and owned, is properly managed”, the U.S embassy in Algiers posted on its Facebook page.

“Applicants must have three (3) years of previous experience in real estate or customer service in a multi-cultural environment, and have a good knowledge of residential maintenance and administration”, it added.

“Applicants Must be fluent in Arabic/French and speak Level 3 English. The annual salary is 1,887,642 Algerian dinars and applications are due by May 5, 2021”.