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15 Tons Of Bread Thrown In Garbage During Ramadhan!

April 22, 2021

The President of the National Federation of Bakers, Youçef Kalafat, revealed that Algerians have consumed nearly 5 million and 800 breads since the beginning of the holy month of fasting of Ramadhan, a number that the latte described as “tremendous”, due to the volume of sales that hiked significantly compared to the past months.

• On the other hand, Kalafat criticized what he described as “immoral” behavior by some citizens who threw approximately 15 tons of this vital substance in the garbage, according to the statistics of the waste collection establishment.

• He also indicated that the cause of wasted bread was not only the state subsidy but it was also a moral factor. for citizens.

In this sense, he recalled that the 8,552 bakeries spread over the national territory provided daily 50 million “baguettes”, 20% of which was wasted by consumers (almost 10 million discarded and partially re-exported by cattle breeders).

He also put forward the imperative to change certain consumer behavior both by families and by institutions which are considered “among the great wasteful of consumer materials, particularly universities, schools and hospitals”.

He also called for the organization of awareness-raising campaigns in favor of consumers throughout the year with the participation of all the intervening bodies in order to fight against this phenomenon.

Kalafat confirmed, in a statement to “Echorouk”, that there has been a decline in the number of bakeries at the national level during the last 5 years, after their number reached 21 thousand in 2015 to reach 14 thousand in 2017, and in 2019 it reached 7200 bakeries.

Our interlocutor confirmed in this connection that every two years the number decreases by a large percentage, as it reached 7 thousand bakeries that are closed every two years, which may lead after two years to the disappearance of the baker’s profession at the level of 58 provinces of the country, if the higher authorities do not pay attention to them, especially as they are regarded as among the arduous professions.
• Youçef Kalafat further stated that 14,000 bakeries had changed their activities within 5 years to become restaurants, cafes, etc., and the reason was mainly due to the weak profit margin in the sale of bread.

• The President of the National Federation of Bakers attributed the responsibility for these problems experienced by the Algerian baker to the high burden of gas and electricity, workers’ wages and rent, in addition to taxes and others.

• He thus called on the Government to subsidize gas, electricity, water, salt and yeast, as unsupported raw materials that increase bread-making costs.