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UNICEF Praises The Progressive Efforts Towards Children’s Protection In Algeria

June 6, 2021

The representative of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund in Algeria, Islam Boukhari, praised Algeria’s achievements in the field of children’s protection, which, he said, witnessed “remarkable progress,” based on a survey conducted by the UNICEF, especially in the fields of health and education, confirming the importance of involving the children and enabling them to defend their rights.

UNICEF’s representative in Algeria supervised the launch of the second edition of the national competition “Draw, write and Sing”, which aims to involve children in expressing their opinion through various means, whether drawing, singing or poetic writing, and the results of this competition will be announced on July 15th, on the occasion of the National Childhood Day.

For her part, Mrs Chorfi explained, during an information day under the slogan “Children’s Right to Participation and Expressing Opinion”, organized in coordination with UNICEF, on the occasion of the International Children’s Day, that Algeria “has achieved much progress in the field of children’s protection and development. This reflects the great interest that Algeria gives to this group, which represents a third of the population, i.e. nearly 16 million children”.

On the occasion, Mrs Chorfi called for the necessity of “providing the necessary care for this group to create the future and achieve sustainable development”, asserting “her readiness to accompany and protect children”.