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Eni and Sonatrach to set up a pilot project for the production of green hydrogen in Algeria

July 12, 2021

Eni is a strategic partner of Algeria in the energy sector. It is also the largest foreign producer of hydrocarbons in the country. But the company based in Milan, wants to make its production greener and multiplies efforts in this direction.

Italian energy company Eni said it would work in Algeria alongside state-owned Sonatrach on a pilot project to produce green hydrogen. This emerged from a meeting between the two sides on 7 July, where they agreed to make rapid progress in implementing a March memorandum of understanding on hydrogen production.

The two partners decided to examine the commercial feasibility of the pilot project, with the use of wind and solar energy. No timetable has been given for the development of the project.

In addition, in order to save the country’s water resources, the use of water produced by oil fields will be examined for the electrolysis processes necessary for the production of hydrogen.

Both companies reaffirmed their commitment to accelerate their collaboration in order to achieve the common goal of reducing the carbon impact of their respective operations in the country. Current projects aim to increase the energy efficiency of production processes, electrify wastewater treatment plants, reduce methane emissions, install biorefinery plants and simultaneously develop new zero-emission energy solutions.