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Issuance Of Visas For Algerian Students Wishing To Study In Russia

September 9, 2021

The Consular Section of the Russian Embassy to Algeria announced the launch of the process of issuing student visas to Moscow, only with specific conditions.

On Wednesday, the Russian embassy clarified in a statement on its official Facebook page, that the applicant must possess the documents of the national passport with two blank pages and with a validity period of at least 18 months after the expiry of the required Russian visa, and a copy of this passport as well (page with photo).

The invitation of the official educational institution granted through the electronic systems of the Russian Interior Ministry or the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Education granted through the electronic systems of the Russian Foreign Ministry, with the visa application request document filled out through the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry in addition to a coloured photo (size 35 ˣ 45), and the form must be signed with the date and glue the photo on the valid travel insurance during the first month of studies.

The Russian Embassy imposed a Certificate of the absence of AIDS infection (for visas valid for more than 90 days) and the applicant’s attendance.

The embassy also clarified that non-Algerian nationals must submit a residence card that allows them to stay in Algeria for a period of more than 90 days, and if there are questions about the conditions for travelling to Russia during the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, applicants or holders of a valid study visa can go to their educational institutions or check out the Website of the Russian Ministry of Education.