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Government Action Plan includes sectoral roadmaps, implementation monitoring mechanism

September 14, 2021

ALGIERS-The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aimene Benabderrahmane, said, Monday in Algiers, that the Government Action Plan will be implemented through the adoption of sectoral “roadmaps” developed by each ministerial department, stressing that “an implementation monitoring and assessment mechanism” will be set up.

Ahead of the presentation of the Government Action Plan before the members of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House), in the presence of members of the Government, Benabderrahmane said that the Government Action Plan “will be implemented through the adoption of sectoral roadmaps developed by each ministerial department in charge of defining the matrix of activities and the expected goals of each activity, and setting implementation deadlines.”

“A mechanism will be established to monitor and assess periodically and continuously the implementation of the Government Action Plan according to specific quantitative indicators,” said the PM.

“The combination of efforts of all” is a must to achieve the goals set out in this “ambitious plan, especially as the Government seeks to work with all goodwill to serve the interests of our country and our fellow citizens, under the enlightened leadership of the President of the Republic and in accordance with his instructions,” affirmed Benabderrahmane.

According to him, the Government will work with various partners “with sincerity and abnegation in order to achieve the objectives of our programmes and plans aimed at improving the situation and the stability of Algeria.”