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In Numbers.. France Is The Most Beneficiary From Algeria’s Partnership With Europe!

November 3, 2021

The association agreement between Algeria and the European Union cost the Algerian side an import bill equivalent to 18.3 billion dollars during the year 2020, accordingly, turning Algeria into a market for the disposal of European products in exchange for reservations that remain “incomprehensible” and “unclear” about Algerian products that enter the European market outside hydrocarbons. On the pretext that the Algerian products don’t live up to the quality demanded by Europeans, and don’t adhere to the conditions of preserving the environment.

The countries that benefited the most from the association agreement between Algeria and Europe are led by France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Algerians imported $3.4 billion of French goods alone out of a total of $34.4 billion in imports during the year 2020.

In terms of numbers, the value of Algerian imports from abroad slumped during the year 2020 by 18 percent, and equaled 34.4 billion dollars, down from 42 billion dollars recorded in 2019. China remains, according to the figures of the General Directorate of Customs and the Ministry of Trade, the first partner of Algeria with 17 percent of imports, France is ranked second with 10 percent, equivalent to $3.4 billion, Italy 7 percent, or $2.4 billion, Germany with 6.5 percent, or $2.23 billion, and Spain with 6.2 percent, equivalent to $2.13 billion.

On the other hand, Algeria’s exports to European countries amounted to $22.81 billion in 2020 compared to $26.55 billion in 2019, recording a decline as a result of the oil crisis. France, Italy and Spain were among the main partners of Algeria in Europe in 2019.

The head of the Business and Investment Climate Committee at the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Youcef Ghazi, confirmed in a statement to “Echorouk” that France, Spain, Italy and Germany remain Algeria’s most important economic partners within the European Union, as part of the most cooperative partnership with Algeria, as these countries supply all products and goods for the Algerian market, while Algerian dealers made some attempts to export a few non-hydrocarbon products to European markets in recent months.

Mr. Ghazi says that apart from oil and gas, Algerian dealers have made a few attempts to export cement to France and Spain, as well as dates of the “Deglet Nour” quality, which remains the first product exported abroad after hydrocarbons, in addition to some types of vegetables and fruits, given that Algeria enjoys a suitable climate for the production of a large number of vegetables, and thus exported to the European Union and other countries, as well as some types of drinks such as “Hammoud Boualem”, and electronic devices of different brands, especially “Iris” and “Condor”, in addition to “Clinker”, which is the raw material involved in cement production.

Regarding the decision to review the association agreement with the European Union, our interlocutor considered it a correct and timely decision, as today the partnership file between the two parties must be reconsidered according to the win-win principle, as trade exchanges remain unbalanced currently, and generate billions of dollars annually for the benefit of the European Union. He added, “We must ask the question today, what have we benefited from this partnership, and what will the latter add?”
According to Mr. Youcef Ghazi, today the old agreement must be reviewed and adapted to the new situation, especially since Algerian economic operators have a product capable of entering European markets, unlike in the past, when the European party was arguing that it prevented Algerian products from entering Europe due to environmental obstacles and lack of quality, adding, “The situation today is different, and we must negotiate from the logic of strength “.