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Sonelgaz: “Nearly 20 Thousand Billion Centimes… Debts Incurred By Ministries, Mayorships And Citizens”

November 24, 2021

The unpaid electricity and gas bills owed to the Sonelgaz complex amount to 19,500 billion centimes, of which 11,800 billion centimes are incurred by citizens and private individuals, and 7,700 billion centimes as debts to institutions, official bodies and municipalities until the date of November 23rd 2021.

The CEO of Sonelgaz, Chaher Boulekhras, spoke in a statement to “Echorouk” about 19,500 billion centimes, as outstanding dues of the company from its customers of individuals, private and institutions, and these are the sums that the gas and electricity complex seeks to recover by writing to their owners and persuading customers to commit to paying them, saying that: These dues have witnessed a decline in recent weeks, after customers began paying them, knowing that the process had previously witnessed a delay during the Corona virus period and during the lockdown phase.

Mr. Boulekhras specified that 60 percent of these sums owed to the public complex have been incurred by citizens and private businessmen, equivalent to 11,800 billion centimes, while the other 40 percent are with public institutions, official bodies and municipalities, which is equivalent to 7,700 billion centimes. To retrieve it by all means and methods, a process that has received a qualitative and quantitative response in recent weeks, after contacting all concerned for the imperious need to settle their situation towards the company.

Mr. Boulekhras previously stated that the price of electricity in Algeria is among the lowest in the world compared to other countries, as some countries in Europe adopt a price that is four times higher than that regulated by Sonelgaz, bearing in mind that a comparison of the current due bills for the Sonelgaz complex from its customers, compared to last month’s bills, prove the commitment of customers to pay 500 billion centimes of these outstanding debts during the recent period.

Sonelgaz announced the launch of a joint project with the Sonatrach hydrocarbons complex to produce 500 megawatts of hybrid energy in the great south of Algeria to support electricity generation in isolated grids at the level of 25 stations.

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, gave instructions to compel all municipalities to use solar energy in public lighting, according to a statement of the Council of Ministers two days ago notably by using solar power in public lighting, including in highways and mountainous areas, such as the Aurès, Ouancheris, and Djurdjura regions.

He also pointed to a maximum period of three months for the energy transition using solar energy in some state institutions and facilities, especially in the health and education sectors.