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Angola to reap $72 million in timber sales in 2021

January 12, 2022

Angola expects to yield nearly 72 million U.S. dollars with the export of about 120,000 cubic meters of sawn wood, Angola’s Institute for Forestry Development (IDF) said in a statement Tuesday.

A cubic meter of wood is sold on average 500 and 600 U.S. dollars in the international market, while illegal loggers in the country sell the same amount up to 35,000 kwanzas (about 63 U.S. dollars), which is much less than the aforementioned price.

It adds that the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries intends to implement five concessions for forest exploitation and conclude the construction of warehouses for forest products.

The program to start in the first months of this year includes putting into operation the process of digitization of the system, issuing licenses for forest exploration and pre-licensing for the export of products, promoting and controlling licensing of forest exploration, and updating reference prices for the export of sawn timber, the statement says.

The promotion and strengthening of the technical, material, and financial capacity with a view to the implementation of the forestation and reforestation program to encourage the production of two million seedlings of various forest species throughout the country, is part of the tasks to be performed, the IDF says.