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Algerians Can’t Enter European, American Countries Due To Vaccin Restrictions

January 24, 2022

After the Algerians faced great trouble last year in entering many European and American countries that did not recognize many of the approved vaccines in Algeria, foremost of which are the Russian and Chinese vaccines, citizens have become more cautious in choosing the type of vaccine and are asking about the approved vaccinations in the countries they wish to travel to to avoid problems visiting them.

Most European countries have modified their entry conditions, after officially accepting the Chinese vaccine Sinovac in health passports allowed to enter the European Union, after the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency recognized the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine, and before this amendment, European countries did not allow the entry of passengers who got Chinese vaccination to their territory.

In this context, the chairman of the National Syndicate of Travel Agencies, Nadir Belhadj, told Echorouk Daily that many Algerians who traveled to European and American countries were not allowed to enter due to the refusal of their health passports sealed with vaccines not approved in those countries, and this is what made the travel agencies ask their customers to provide vaccination documents with the approved vaccine in the country they want to travel to; “For example, most European countries today do not recognize the Russian Sputnik vaccine, and this is what makes Algerians vaccinated with this vaccin face prohibition from entering European countries and even America has banned this vaccine as well”.

“Canada does not recognize the Chinese vaccine Sinovac,which makes the Algerians obliged to choose another vaccine similar to the American Johnson vaccine to enter Canada, which is known for a large influx of Algerians, and European countries adopted the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac, after it was banned last year, which caused great problems for Algerians traveling to various European countries”, he added.

“It is fortunate for those wishing to perform Hajj and Umrah this year that Saudi Arabia allowed all types of vaccination, and only imposed on travelers to it to perform three vaccinations of any kind, and this is to relieve the embarrassment of those coming to it from different continents”,he explained.

With the end of the Algerians’ troubles in rejecting the Sinovac vaccine in Europe, other restrictions imposed by Germany forced the Algerians to undergo a 10-day quarantine, due to the spread of the “Corona” virus, which was confirmed by the German “Robert Koch” Institute for Disease Prevention and Control, Which published information that Germany has added 19 countries to the list of high risks with the “Corona” epidemic, including Algeria, Brazil, India, Romania, Saudi Arabia, where travelers from these countries will face stricter entry restrictions as of Sunday, January 23.

All travelers must provide proof of complete vaccination, recovery from the virus or negative test results, to be eligible to enter Germany, and they will be subject to a 10-day quarantine, with the possibility of leaving early if their test results are negative after 5 days of quarantine.