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Air Algérie Closes Summer Bookings Due To Hight Demand

May 6, 2022

In conjunction with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to review the prices of sea and air transport for the benefit of the Algerian community abroad, Air Algérie starts communications with its various agencies to inquire about the details of this process and to apply for booking tickets in preparation for the summer holiday, but the airline company has closed reservations and froze the sale of summer tickets for many countries that are witnessing great demand, which is what Echorouk discovered by visiting several Air Algérie agencies in Algiers, which confirmed to us that the ticket booking process has been frozen for weeks for most European countries and Canada, due to the demand which largely exceeded the offer for June, July and August.

The official in charge of organizing the process of booking and selling tickets confirmed to “Echorouk” that Air Algérie agencies inside and outside the country are witnessing these days a large influx of customers to inquire about the process of reducing ticket prices announced by the President of the Republic, but the process is still under study, which requires them to release the number of the company’s flights to various countries to make it a success, return to the program implemented in 2019, and stop work on the current scheme that depends on the partial return of flights that do not exceed 25% of Air Algerie’s capacity, which is in dire need, according to them, to intensify the flight program to revive its treasury and meet the needs of customers.

Echorouk sources from within Air Algérie agencies said that the delay in announcing the new prices and promoting flights, caused dissatisfaction with customers who are required to book their vacation dates from now and book tickets to organize their work agendas, and the delay for a longer period will deprive a large number of them of benefiting from the offer announced by the President of the Republic, which, according to them, requires speed in implementation and not waiting for the summer season to approach, “because it will cause great pressure on Air Algérie agencies and chaos in the process of booking and selling tickets”.

Concerning the process of freezing summer reservations, Echorouk sources confirmed that the matter included many European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, even Turkey, Canada and other countries that witness a large influx of the Algerian community living abroad, and the matter, according to them, is due to the large demand that exceeded the supply for more than 10 times, “this requires an urgent plan for the summer holiday using the full capacity of Air Algérie, which used to allocate 10 flights a week to Canada and dozens of flights to France, which remains the first destination for Algerians, and then Turkey”.

“The process of compensating unused ticket holders is proceeding at an accelerating pace, where customers are given the choice between compensating the price or benefiting from new tickets, and it takes more time for them, because it is related to the Air Algérie treasury, which recently witnessed a decline in revenues due to roofing flights, and with the program expected for the summer, the treasury will recover more and the compensation process will double to include all customers without exception”.