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Tebboune’s Visit to Italy to Concretize Gas, Wheat Agreements

May 9, 2022

The axes of the visit of President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to Italy, at the invitation of his counterpart Sergio Mattarella, are the file of gas, renewable energies and the joint projects between the two countries, the Algerian ambassador to Italy, Abdelkrim Touahria, said in an interview with the Italian News Agency on Sunday.
“Algeria will also seek the assistance of Italian investors in the field of wheat cultivation to ensure achieving food security during the next stage in light of the continuing chapters of the Russian-Ukrainian war”, Touahria added.

“Both Presidents Tebboune and Mattarella will concretize the existing projects between the two countries in addition to signing new agreements. Algeria wants to benefit from the experience of Italian companies in the field of desert tourism. The Algerian government will provide all advantages to Italian investors to achieve food security, especially with the continuation of the Ukrainian war and its repercussions on wheat”.

The diplomat spoke about Algeria’s proposal to create a joint company to build civil and commercial ships in Algeria; “This point will be discussed during the visit of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to Italy and in the framework of cooperation, the exchange of university experiences between Algeria and Italy, especially in the field of technology, will be discussed as well”.

The Algerian ambassador to Rome explained, in his dialogue with the same media, that Algeria wants to benefit from the Italian experience in the field of the tourism industry, given the wonderful places that Algeria abounds in if they are exploited, asserting that many other sectors are included in the visit, such as construction, public works, pharmaceutical industry and production, Internet, information and communication technologies.

“The files of the agreements will be on the agenda of the 4th session of the Intergovernmental Summit that will be held in Algeria on July 17-18, and the sidelines of the meeting, there will also be a meeting with companies from the two countries, within a business forum on the 18th of the same month”.

Regarding the recent agreements that were concluded between Italy and Algeria in the gas sector, the ambassador confirmed that the relationship between Algeria and Italy is “very strong, exemplary and ambitious”, not only in the energy sector but also because Algeria has a “sincere desire” to intensify new explorations in this field to meet the needs of the local market first, then foreign markets and why not encourage the market of energy products as well.”

In response to a question about Italy’s opportunities in the field of clean energies, especially after Algeria announced the launch of the “Solar 1000” project to produce 1000 megawatts of photovoltaic energy, and the green hydrogen project, the ambassador highlighted that Italy is a strategic country in terms of energy cooperation with Algeria and that the relationship between Algeria and Italy will allow both parties to benefit from these important projects.

The bilateral relations between Algeria and Italy have witnessed great progress in recent years, coinciding with international and regional changes, especially in light of the effects of the Ukrainian war, which cast boosts the relations between the two countries.