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Energy Minister receives Chairman of Board of Directors of Arab Fertilizer Association

May 12, 2022

ALGIERS- The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, received, on Tuesday at the headquarters of the ministry, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Fertilizer Union (AFA) and CEO of the group “Asmidal”, Heouaine Mohamed Tahar, the SG of the AFA, Raed Al-Saoub, and a delegation of the AFA, said a statement from the ministry.

During this coordination meeting, which took place in the presence of the CEO of Sonatrach, Toufik Hakkar, the two parties reviewed “the current and future orientations of the fertilizer industry in the world in general and in the Arab world in particular and exposed the available opportunities for cooperation between the Ministry of Energy and Mines and its companies specializing in the fertilizer industry and the AFA,” the statement said.

The meeting was also an opportunity to set up “the main lines” concerning the organisation of the 34th international technical conference of the AFA, which will be held next October in Algiers, according to the ministry.

On this occasion, Mr. Arkab affirmed his “full support and that of Algeria” to the actions of the Association and to its efforts to concretise the strategy of integration between Arab countries in this field, considering it as an “important” space of cooperation between Arab companies producing mineral fertilisers (phosphate fertilisers), especially since Algeria has “great” potentials in this field and is in the process of implementing investment projects in the phosphate and fertiliser sector.

The Minister also stressed the “importance” of developing an action plan for the training of Algerian executives working in the fertiliser industry and the acquisition of the Association’s expertise.

The press release recalls that the AFA is an international Arab non-governmental organisation, established in 1975, with its headquarters in Cairo (Egypt).

The union brings together 180 companies specialised in the manufacture and trade of fertilisers and their raw materials, representing 35 countries, including Algerian companies active in this field.