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Algeria to host online show on waste management

From June 5 to 7, the Algerian National Waste Agency will organize an online event with exhibitions and debates on the sector. The show is aimed at local and foreign players. Brazilian presence is expected.

May 18, 2022

São Paulo – Algeria, an Arab country in North Africa, will host the 3rd Algerian Virtual Waste Exhibition (AVWE), an online show on waste management, from June 5 to 7 to discuss the many challenges in the area with local and foreign players in the sector.

The event, aimed at professionals in the field, is organized by the National Waste Agency (AND) with the Algerian Ministry of the Environment sponsorship, according to information released by the Embassy of Algeria to Brazil. The last edition had 170 exhibitors from 20 countries and around 4,000 visitors.

The event’s theme will be “For the promotion of investment in wastes.” According to information from Algeria Press Service (APS), the show aims to address the challenges of waste management in Algeria in the current economic and environmental context, offering an online space for building partnerships and establishing exchange and communication between different players in the sector.

In addition to solutions for waste management, there will be conferences with debates involving international and local experts to develop waste recovery. The event expects the attendance of economic operators from the private and public sectors of waste management, startups, and representatives of civil society, among others.

The Embassy of Algeria to Brazil expects the presence of Brazilian institutions, associations, specialists, and scholars dedicated to this field. Information on the show’s content and how to participate can be found on the event's website.