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Algeria and Sudan to boost cooperation in commerce and economic matters

May 27, 2022

Algeria and Sudan have agreed to boost cooperation in commercial and economic matters, including sectors such as energy, agriculture, livestock, fishing, higher education, scientific research and building. Sudanese diplomats will also be trained by their Algerian counterparts, a joint committee has announced.

The Algerian-Sudanese Political Consultations Committee held its third session on 22-23 May at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Algiers under the co-chairmanship of Algeria's Ambassador Noureddine Khandoudi and his Sudanese counterpart, Almansour Ibrahim Bolad.

Regional and international issues were also on the agenda. The two delegations discussed the crisis in Libya, and stressed the need to adopt a comprehensive political dialogue as a method to resolve the differences between the protagonists in the country as well as the importance of elections, unifying national institutions and supporting national reconciliation to protect Libya's sovereignty and territorial integrity. They also affirmed the need for mercenaries and foreign fighters to leave Libyan territory.

On the issue of Western Sahara, the two parties agreed to encourage the efforts of the UN to find a solution to the conflict. They called on the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front to resume negotiations to reach a permanent and equitable solution according to international resolutions, and help to bring peace and stability to the region.

Negotiations between Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia, they agreed, are the best way to reach a binding agreement regulating the process of filling and operating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the River Nile. The rights of all parties must be protected fairly and equitably, they insisted.

The Algerian delegation at the meeting presented their country's approach to the situation in the Sahel region, where Algeria rejects foreign interference.