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Algeria: “Creation Of Large Industrial Pole For The Automotive Industry”

June 21, 2022

The Government officially ordered the Ministry of Industry to establish a large industrial pole for inclusion in the automobile industry, through factories recovered from businessmen legally pursued in corruption cases, against whom the judicial authorities issued final rulings marked by the executive formula, with the creation of economic entities to receive the confiscated property.
According to a correspondence issued by the office of the Prime Minister, Aimane Benabderahmane, bearing the number 455, the Prime Ministry, in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Industry, in cooperation with all stakeholders and sectors concerned, has ordered the need to propose mechanisms for the establishment of economic entities that receive property confiscated by judicial authorities through final rulings, in addition to scheduling a meeting of the National Council for State Contributions, in cooperation with the relevant ministries, in order to ensure the transfer of the property of the relevant institutions to the public sector, especially those affiliated with the institutions of the Ali Haddad ETRHB complex, who has been convicted to 12 years in prison.
In addition, it was officially decided, according to the same correspondence, to create a large industrial pole for integration in the field of the automobile industry, through the recall factories affiliated to the “SOVAC”, “MAZOUZ”, “TAHKOUT” and “BAIRI” enterprises, with the appointment of judicial administrators, as managers of the economic entities that will arise in the future.
In this context, Echorouk’s sources revealed that the Ministry of Industry is currently working in full swing to count the properties that have been confiscated by a final court ruling and will be recovered by the state, to be transferred to the public sector, similar to the Mazouz complex and Haddad Public Works complex “ETRHB”, similarly to what happened with the Tahkout Transport Company and its transformation into a public complex affiliated with the Ministry of Transport, under the name “University for Transport and Services”.
The Ministry of Industry has also officially started to recover the properties of many private institutions whose owners are in prisons and turn them into public complexes, such as the oil factory in Jijel of the Kouninef brothers, which was converted into a public complex, a project that will contribute to the development of some other industries and will cover 50 percent of the oil and 80 percent of cattle food.
This comes at a time when the Government officially decided to revive the car assembling activity, negotiating with 13 owners of major industrial complexes abroad eager to invest in Algeria, while limiting the number of new factory owners, because the national market did not reach the stage of a large surplus.
Special handling activity to organize the production and manufacture of local spare parts and mechanical industry supplies, will include exemptions in customs duties and value-added fees for dealers involved in this field, in addition to issuing a special decree for each type of vehicle, with the working out of an export program in future stages.