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Air Algerie Reassures Its Customers in France

June 27, 2022

Air Algérie reassured its customers in France of achieving great progress in the process of compensation for unused tickets during the Covid19 pandemic, which according to its officials is nearing completion, after the Algerian community denounced the recent statement of the company that overlooked the issue of compensation for travel tickets from France, which according to them represents the largest number of unused tickets compared to many other destinations such as Dubai, London, Montreal, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Cairo, Brussels, Vienna, Lisbon, and other destinations from different continents.

In this regard, Air Algérie spokesperson, Amine Andaloussi, told Echorouk on Saturday that the failure to mention France in the last statement was due to the progress of the process of compensating unused transport tickets from France, which is witnessing an increase in the number of flights estimated at 70 flights per week, and this helped the airline company to integrate the customers on these flights, unlike the other destinations mentioned in the statement, which are characterized by a lack of flights.

“France obtained the largest share of the subsidized summer program and most of the customers benefited from the compensation process or benefit from new flights according to the reduced prices, coinciding with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune”, he added.

Andaloussi explained that Air Algérie gave great priority to the process of compensating unused tickets before the Corona pandemic and taking care of customers at the level of the company’s agencies in France; “the rest of them will be taken care of according to the scheme in place in line with the company’s financial capabilities and enabling customers to benefit from programmed flights throughout the summer season while giving many advantages and facilities regarding the compensation process, and setting the date of November 30, 2022, as the last date for receiving customer requests in this regard.