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Algerian Businessman Refuses To Sell Angers’ Shares To An American Company

August 8, 2022

Algerian expatriate living in France Said Chabane refused to sell his shares at the French club Angers to an American investment company.

Said Chabane said that the financial situation of Angers club improved and that the management changed its

opinion regarding the sale of the club’s shares.

According to French media reports on Saturday, an American investment company presented a financial envelope of 65 million euros to the management of Angers Club, to buy the shares of the white and black team, but the proposal was rejected.

Said Chabane announced, on an earlier date, that he was considering leaving Angers club and selling his shares.

He explained that he took this decision due to the financial troubles, which were exacerbated after the outbreak of the “Corona” pandemic.

Said Chabane, 57, owned the shares of Angers Club since 2011. He is a businessman who studied at the university, and precisely at the National Polytechnic School in the Algiers Harrache neighbourhood, before immigrating to France and settling there.

The French club Angers includes former Algerian international midfielder Nabil Bentaleb, and the current defender Ilyes Chetti.