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Wemade Presents ‘Wateree’s Enhancement Support Event’ to Boost Growth in MIR M

March 22, 2023

Wemades blockbuster MMORPG MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (hereinafter MIR M) is holding the Wateree’s Enhancement Support event starting from March 21st, 2023.For two weeks, users can participate in two attendance events called Waterees Enhancement Support 7 Days Check-in, and Waterees Illusory Mystic Realm Support 7 Days Check-in.Simply by checking in, users can obtain abundant rewards such as Enhancement Stone, Reforging Stone, Oil of Blessing, Illusory Mystic Realm Entry Ticket, and the EXP buff item, Growth Draught, and more, depending on the number of attendances in the Check-in events.There are also special items available in the in-game Shop for improving crafting and enhancement mastery. The Waterees Crafting Mastery Support package, which increases mastery in Smithing, Refining, and Alchemy, and the Waterees Enhancement Mastery Support package, which helps users increase their Enhancement, Enchantment, and Blessing stats.The number of concurrent users in MIR M recently broke 210,000. In response to the rapid increase in users, Wemade has also been increasing the number of servers. At launch, the game started with 14 servers. Now, it has increased to more than 3 times that at 46 (28 in Asia, 8 in South America, 4 in North America, 6 in Europe, etc.).MIR M also announced the addition of new systems. Wemade is set to introduce WEMIX$ Payment, which allows users to purchase all MIR M items with WEMIX$ and various WEMIX PLAY game tokens. And there are plans for the Governance system, which expands users rights, to be expanded to include more content in addition to Hidden Valley Capture, including Party Dungeon and Sabuk Castle Siege.More information on MIR M is available on the official website.Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: